President Clinton campaigns for Democrats in Blytheville

President Clinton campaigns for Democrats in Blytheville

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Former President Bill Clinton made another stop in Region 8, this time in Blytheville. Governor Mike Beebe introduced President Clinton to the stage at a campaign rally held outside of That Bookstore in Blytheville.

The appearance was to extend campaign efforts for Arkansas Democrats for this year's mid-term elections.

President Clinton joined Governor Beebe, Governor candidate Mike Ross, Senator Mark Pryor, and Congressional candidate Jackie McPherson in Blytheville to inspire voters to hit the polls.

"When we grow together and work together, we are better off," President Clinton said. "There is a reason you got almost 23 million jobs when I was president."

Clinton touched on many issues that he believes are important in this election including minimum wage, education, and health care.

"They are working people who for the first time are able to provide health insurance for their children," he said. "You may or may not know them, but take it from me it is making a big difference, not just to them, but to 100% of Arkansas people who have health insurance."

He said a vote for the Republican candidates is a vote in the wrong direction.

"A promise to get rid of your healthcare, a promise to not help you with college loans, a promise not to fund your kids pre-school, a promise to never raise the minimum wage, a promise to never have equal pay for equal work," the president said.

"We've got political dysfunction," he added. "It's the worst problem we've got. So you're going to be given a chance to tomorrow in advanced voting and Tuesday to correct it."

Representatives from the Arkansas Republican party, as well as Republican governors from other states, visited Jonesboro on Friday to campaign for Republican candidates.

Early voting takes place Monday, Nov. 3. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4.

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