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Jonesboro -- Heather Flanigan Reports

Region 8 Braces for Winter Storm

December 21, 2004 – Posted at 3:41 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- A big snowstorm is predicted and folks in Region 8 are bracing themselves. Jonesboro shoppers were out in full force Tuesday looking for last minute Christmas gifts and stocking up on supplies.

Home Depot Associate Matt Davis said it’s hard to tell if the shopping rush is because of the predicted weather or the last minute shopping.

“Everybody hears the word snow, so they kind of get scared, and think we're going to get ice age type storm. Not usually around here, but we've had people buying snow shovels, ice melt and sand,” said Davis.

It’s called the calm before the storm, but in Region 8, it was more like organized chaos. Folks were preparing for the winter weather Tuesday.

“We're going to head out today so we can make it home before the bad weather hits,” said shopper Latasha Johnson. K-Mart shoppers were out picking up last minute gifts and stocking up on supplies.

Shopper Dianna Thetford wasn’t worried about the storm, only about her family, “Just as long as the grandkids can get to my house for Christmas we're in fine shape.”

“Folks are coming in for just your basic items, milk, bread, coffee. those basic items. As far as I know, no ones come in looking for snow shovels yet, so we're working on getting that all out on the counter,” said K-Mart Manager Sue Edwards.

Most shoppers said they're preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best, and that's part of the reason milk shelves are empty. But it's not just milk that's running on short supply.

“We actually have not received our salt supply in yet, so hopefully we won't need that.... keeping you fingers crossed,” laughed Edwards. But it's the Craighead County Highway Department that's keeping their fingers crossed.

“We're hoping it doesn't hit but if it does we'll be prepared,” said Ed Hill, Road Superintendent, “We'll be ready to hit the streets whether it be night or day. We’ll be on standby and be ready to go.”

They could have about 65 guys working around the clock clearing Jonesboro when the snow hits.

“We've got a couple of sand spreader trucks with snow plows on the front of them and we've got them loaded up and ready to roll in case this thing does hit like they've been talking about,” said Hill.

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