Lake Bono continues to receive upgrades, including more fish

Lake Bono continues to receive upgrades, including more fish

BONO, AR (KAIT) - The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission came out to Bono Lake Monday to stock it with more fish after stocking it with catfish earlier this year.

59,000 Bluegill Sunfish were added to the lake, Brett Timmons, a fishery supervisor with Game and Fish said this is the first self-sustaining species of fish in the lake and will help to add other species in the future.

"Bluegill will serve as a prey base for other predators, such as large-mouth bass," Timmons said. "In the early Summer of next year we will be stocking large-mouth bass into the lake and those two species will make up most of the fish base in the lake."

In order to add more fish into the lake that they have been though, there needs to be more water, and as of Monday the water is still feet from even reaching the boat ramp.

"The water has been rising about a foot, foot and a half every rain we get, so it is coming up," Timmons said. "Hopefully with the winter rains and the spring rains that the lake would be mostly filled by next summer."

Despite the fact there has been help from the rain, water levels at Bono Lake continue to fluctuate which could be a problem. Timmons said that over the next few years they will do studies comparing Bono Lake to Lake Frierson to try to figure out if the issue is just from evaporation or if there is a seepage problem at the lake. Timmons said this is all a part of the future plans for the lake.

Timmons said, "Next big step is to get the lake filled and get all of the fish populations in here, so we can determine whether or not Lake Bono is going to hold water or if it's going to have some seepage issues and to figure out what our next step would be from there."

While research is being done on the lake Timmons said the AGFC will be adding several more species of fish including catfish and large-mouth bass.

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