U.S. Senate candidates make last push for voter support

U.S. Senate candidates make last push for voter support

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - All eyes will be on Arkansas on Tuesday, because the U.S. Senate race could decide the balance of power in Washington, D.C.

Republican Congressman Tom Cotton is challenging incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor.

This race is one of a few senate races that could swing the power of the Senate to the GOP, meaning Congress would be controlled by the Republican Party.

On Monday, Tom Cotton was out doing some last minute campaigning to make sure that happens, while Pryor worked to prevent it.

Republicans threw a party on election eve, but the Democrats were a little more low-key. Pryor met with supporters in downtown Jonesboro on Monday morning, telling supporters that he deserves a third term.

"People know I've spent a lot of time up here working with local leaders and businesses and farmers just to make sure northeast Arkansas continues to grow," Pryor said.

His opponent, Cotton, said a third term for Pryor is exactly what the state doesn't need.

"People here are ready for a new direction in Washington. They want a government that is competent but limited in scope, which does its rightful duties but doesn't intrude on their lives," Cotton said. "That creates an economy that gets people back to work, defends us abroad and protects our borders."

Pryor agrees that people are ready for a new direction in Congress, but said he can help with that.

"That's the choice this year. They can vote for gridlock. They can vote for more 'my way or the highway' and more of the same in Washington or they can send me back to try and be a bridge builder and bring people together and get it done for America and get it done for Arkansas," Pryor said.

Both men disagree on virtually every campaign issue but they both say, they expect a close vote.

"The votes are going to be so critical and we just want every Arkansas who can to get out and vote," Cotton said.

Pryor agrees, "This is a chance for people to get out and have their voice be heard. These races will be decided by a handful of votes."

Cotton also said that, rain or shine, weather should not affect voter turnout.

"There's a platoon of troops tonight somewhere in Afghanistan that's been outside in the rain and the snow or the cold or the heat for the last 24 hours, and they are defending our freedom to cast those ballots so I think we can endure a couple rain drops," he said.

Both Cotton and Pryor are challenged by Libertarian Nathan LaFrance and Green Party Candidate Mark Swaney.

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