Cops catch crooks using high-tech equipment

Cops catch crooks using high-tech equipment

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - There's the technology you see cops use on TV and the technology they use in real life. Usually, they're pretty far apart but the technology they're using at the Jonesboro Police Department is cutting edge.

In some cases, it's cutting the state crime lab out of the equation, leading to crimes getting solved faster.

From finding fingerprints and bodily fluids to determining the trajectory of a bullet with lasers, equipment and technology at the Jonesboro Police Department helps them find evidence that might otherwise leave a case wide open.

"Being able to just see what is there and find it easier," Sgt. RJ Smith said. "Talking about the light source, it helps you to find a lot of the smaller evidence."

Sgt. Smith said evidence that might be invisible to the naked eye, like fingerprints on latex gloves, becomes easily detectable with lights and lenses.

"I've got a lot of print results from that that I wouldn't have been able to get otherwise," he said.

Just a few months ago, DNA evidence collected from crime scene evidence linked a Jonesboro man to upwards of 80 car break-ins.

"Getting the quality of the evidence is what we're aiming for," Sgt. Smith said.

Smith showed us other tools they use like an infrared camera that makes bruises much more visible.

"DHS and Crimes Against Children have called several times when they'd have a child that had been abused that had a lot of bruising on them, wanting to document them a little bit better."

While most evidence is still sent to the state crime lab in Little Rock, Smith said the tools they have at their disposal can cut down on investigation time.

"The more evidence we can get and the faster we can get it to the lab then a lot better off we are, we'll get the results back a lot faster," he said.

As good as evidence is, police still depend on tips from the public to help solve crimes.

If you have a tip on a crime, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously at 935-STOP.

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