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Craighead County--Ron Smiley reports

County Roads Staying Slick Through Christmas

December 23, 2004--Posted 7:00 pm CST


Craighead County--Road workers are working hard across Region 8.  Thursday was supposed to be a day off for county road crews but they found themselves hard at work.

More than five inches of snow was on the ground in some areas of the region.  Underneath the snow there was also a fairly thick layer of ice which road crews were worried could also cause problems.  Throughout the day these road crews used sand and calcium to combat problem areas on roadways, intersections, and bridges.

It has been nearly two years since the last significant ice storm hit the area.  Last year, in November, the area had a ‘light dusting’ of snow.  The year before ice caused large areas to go without power due to broken tree limbs.  This year the main problem centered around the roads.

All the counties 12 snow graters are in use along with the two sand throwers.  Calcium’s been donated from the state and is being used sparingly on bridges to turn the snow and ice into slush.  The sand is good for increased traction and early on the city was focusing dumping the sand on busy intersections.

“It is still slick out,” Craighead County Road Manager Eugene Neff said. “The intersections are really slick and we are doing all we can do right now to get it safe.”  While the road crews are working hard they expect hazardous and slick roads will stay with us all the way through the Christmas weekend.


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