Cash or plastic, what will holiday shoppers use?

Cash or plastic, what will holiday shoppers use?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This year numerous companies have fallen to data breaches and with the holiday season approaching many Region 8 residents are watching what they buy, where they buy it and how they buy it. Some shoppers have switched from plastic to paper.

In recent months, companies like Kmart, Target, and Home Depot have been victimizedLast year, more than 40 million Target shoppers were impacted by a major data breach. 

"I don't really know swiping my card that many times and that many different stores," said Houston Franks, a Region 8 shopper. "It's kind of a scary thing when you think about it."

Some shoppers are worried their personal information will be compromised when they start their holiday shopping. For other shoppers, it's business as usual. According to a report by, half of Americans are likely to avoid shopping at stores that have been affected by data breaches.

"I actually check my credit card often, so I'm not too concerned about it because it wouldn't take me 24 hours to figure out if something is wrong," Carol White said.

The National Retail Federation stated breaches are more likely to affect older shoppers because younger shoppers grew up with technology.

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