Jonesboro church honors 17 veterans

Jonesboro church honors 17 veterans

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro church honored 16 men and one woman for their service in the military in its congregation on Sunday

Walter Busby served in the marines for 6 years and was one of the veterans that got to walk down the aisle at Grace Baptist Church where they were presented with an American Flag

"Veterans Day to me is about all the veterans of past, present, and future," Busby said.

Johnny McKinney served in the Air Force for 20 years and said he is proud of his service.

"You know I can look back on some of the things I wish I had done different in my life, but serving in the military was not one of them," McKinney said.

They both said years of service comes with many sacrifices.

"People just don't understand what the military goes through, and you know a lot of those soldiers come home injured for the rest of their life," Busby said.

"But you do miss some of your child's firsts," McKinney said. "Walking, crawling, you know things like that you're going to miss that most people don't when they're not serving or having a sacrifice like that."

Even with the sacrifices, veterans said they wouldn't change anything about their experience.

Geen Roebuck served for 26 years and said it was the best education he ever got. McKinney was stationed in Germany and said it was a great opportunity to learn about a new culture.

While in the military, Busby said he learned what life is all about. He said he learned respect and team work because others lives were in his hands.

"Some of them could lose their life because you didn't pay attention," Busby said. "That there makes you want to do what's right and obey your commanding officers."

"The thing that makes it the greatest country on Earth are the people that serve in our military," Roebuck said.

Busby hopes everyone remembers to thank a veteran on Tuesday.

"If you see a veteran on Veterans Day give them a big hug and tell them thank you for their service," Busby said.

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