Making It Through The Holidays While Loved Ones Are Overseas

December 26, 2004 -- Posted at 7:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- Major Damon Cluck has been serving in Iraq since February.

He is a proud member of the 39th Infantry Brigade.

This is only the second Christmas he has ever missed with his family.

"I have said because he believes so much in this, and is so sure that their doing the right thing, and that their doing good......well it's easier,"said his parents Neil and Dianne Cluck.

Although Damon was home for Thanksgiving, mom and dad say the holidays just aren't complete.

"It's not been good, he's always done the decorating, it's just not been Christmas,"said Neil Cluck.

Even though their son is thousands of miles from home, he still managed to grant the wish on top of their Christmas list.

"It was sure good to hear from him on Christmas Day,"said Neil Cluck.

Phone calls are few and far between, but his parents say pictures, emails, and reminders of support, like this yellow ribbon, are getting them through this difficult holiday season.

"Seeing him on TV, and everybody calling when he's on, we're real proud. We can count to ten, and the phone starts ringing, we just love it,"said Dianne Cluck.

The Cluck's say they are proud of their son because of the sacrifices he is making in Iraq to install freedom for all in the new year.