A-State Athletics Reveals All-Centennial Football Team

A-State Athletics Reveals All-Centennial Football Team

JONESBORO, AR (ASU) – In honor of its 100th season fielding a football team, the Arkansas State Athletics Department announced Thursday its All-Centennial Football Team comprised of 100 total lettermen who have significantly impacted the football program and left a lasting legacy at A-State.

The Arkansas State football program's inaugural season was 1911, but the school didn't field a team during the 1918 and 1942-44 years.  The 100 players named to the All-Centennial Team are among the many all-time lettermen who have had a powerful contribution to A-State's outstanding football history and heritage, which includes 88 All-America and 271 all-conference players.

The All-Centennial Team members will be recognized at A-State's home game against Appalachian State (Sat., Nov. 15) during halftime, when the team's 28 starters (12 offense/12 defense/4 special teams) will also be announced.

Seventy-four all-conference performers, 50 NFL?players, 46 All-Americans, 30 A-State Hall of Honor members and 11 conference player of the year choices make up the All-Centennial Team.  Additionally, 27 players who hold at least one Arkansas State game, season or career record made the list, along with 22 players from the all-time A-State team chosen by fans during the 1976 campaign.

While there are certainly far more than 100 A-State lettermen deserving of this type of recognition, the team was assembled with the utmost care and scrutiny by a distinguished selection panel made up of current and former A-State Athletics administrators, media, lettermen, Hall of Honor members and alumni close to the program.

"This prestigious team was developed not only as a form of individual recognition, but also to honor all the teammates who have taken the field alongside the All-Centennial Team selections," said A-State Director of Athletics Terry Mohajir, who was a part of the 11-person selection committee.  "We have 100 All-Centennial Team members, but 100 years' worth of lettermen who everyone associated with A-State is proud to call ours!"

In addition to the 100 players, the team also includes "All-Centennial Coach" Larry Lacewell, who led the program from 1979-89 and still holds the school record for most victories.  Under Lacewell's direction, Arkansas State made four consecutive trips to the NCAA I-AA playoffs from 1984-87, including an appearance in the 1986 championship game.

The All-Centennial Football Team also includes seven honorary members, including five A-State Hall of Honor members who were both players and coaches at the school.  Those five members include David Mitchell, Tim Keane, Leslie Speck, Bill Templeton and Bill Davidson.

A-State head certified trainer Ron Carroll, who is also a Hall of Honor member and has been working the football team's sideline for 453 consecutive games, was named an honorary member to the team as well.  He is joined by former athletics director and Ring of Honor member Ike Tomlinson, who served as head football coach in 1945.

The Arkansas State football team's Saturday game against Appalachian State is scheduled to kickoff at 2 p.m. at Centennial Bank?Stadium. ?Tickets may be purchased by contacting the A-State Ticket Office at 870-972-2781 or by visiting tickets.astate.edu online.


Jonathan Adams (RB, 1998-2001)

Ryan Aplin (QB, 2009-12)

Josh Arauco (K, 2006-09)

Reggie Arnold (RB, 2006-09)

Fred Barnett (WR, 1986-89)

Randy Barnhill (OL, 1984-86)

Bill Bergey (LB, 1965-68)

Everett Bolton (ATH, 1939-40, 1946-47)

Gene Bradley (QB, 1976-79)

Jon Bradley (DL, 2000-03)

Dwane Brown (QB, 1984-87)

Ray Brown (TE, 1983-85)

Dan Buckley (OL, 1966-69)

Johnie Burnett (ATH, 1927-29)

Bill Caldwell (QB, 1957-59)

Jeff Caldwell (K, 1993-96)

Ryan Carrethers (DL, 2010-13)

Alex Carrington (DL, 2006-09)

Maurice Carthon (FB, 1979-82)

Michael Cline (DL, 1983-85)

Howard Cissell (DB, 1954-57)

Gary Crane (DE, 1967-68)

Carter Ray Crawford (DL, 1984-85)

Brian Davis (K, 2010-13)

Demario Davis (LB, 2008-11)

Tommy Davis (OL, 1958-59)

Dick Dixon (DL, 1972-75)

Doug Dobbs (K, 1976-79)

Wayne Dorton (OL, 1968-71)

Carlos Emmons (LB, 1992-95)

Frank Farella (OL, 1954-57)

Rick Fishback (DB, 1981-82)

Dwayne Frampton (WR, 2010-11)

Charlie Fredrick (NG, 1984-87)

Bruce Gartman (P, 1980-82)

Terry Gwin (RB, 1965-66)

James Hamilton (QB, 1968-71)

Foy Hammons (1913-15; 1919)

Calvin Harrell (RB, 1968-71)

Leroy Harris (FB, 1975-76)

David Hines (QB, 1972-75)

Joe Holliman (DB, 1971-74)

TJ Humphreys (OL, 1973-76)

Rickey Jemison (FB, 1983-86)

David Johnson (TE, 2005-08)

Lennie Johnson (WR, 1995-98)

Garry Johnson (OL, 1999-2002)

Tyrell Johnson (DB, 2004-07)

Brandon Joiner (DE, 2010-11)

Ken Jones (OL, 1972-75)

Gerald Jumper (WR, 1964-67)

Robert Kilow (WR, 1998-2000)

John Koldus (WR,1950-52)

Tim Langford (QB, 1980-83)

Harry Larche (LINEMAN, 1946-48)

Greg Lee (DB, 1984-87)

Qushaun Lee (LB, 2011-current)

Cleo Lemon (QB, 1997-2000)

Corey Leonard (QB, 2006-09)

Jimmy Lisko (DE, 1972-75)

Doug Lowery (OL, 1970-73)

Mike Malham Jr (LB, 1972-75)

Matt Mandich (OL, 2005-08)

JD McKissic (WR, 2012-current)

Dennis Meyer (DB, 1968-71)

Mike Morris (LB, 1979-82)

Dan Mullen (DE, 1972-75)

Jerry Muckensturm (LB, 1972-75)

Marvin Neloms (DL, 1983-86)

Okey Oldham (ATH, 1927-29)

Roy Painter (DB, 1973-76)

Bill Phillips (OL, 1968-71)

Mike Ray (OL, 1987-89)

Tom Reese (RB, 1962-65)

Kyle Richardson (P, 1992-95)

Don Riggs (RB, 1955-58)

Dick Ritchey (DB, 1964-67)

Scott Roper (K, 1986-87)

Joe Slayton (P, 1976-79)

Elbert Shelley (DB, 1983-86)

James Simmons (DB, 1970-72)

Jerome Sims (DB, 1982-85)

Danny Smith (RB, 2000-02)

Robert Speer (DE, 1973-76)

Tommy Spiers (QB, 1954-56)

Ron Smith (LB, 1976-79)

Taylor Stockemer (WR, 2009-12)

Dan Summers (OL, 1962-65)

Clovis Swinney (DL, 1967-69)

Ron Teat (TE, 1996-99)

(Billy) Joe Turner (OL, 1960-62)

Tommy Walker (OL, 1980-83)

Antonio Warren (RB, 2002-05)

Terry Whiting (DB, 1968-71)

Sammy Wier (QB, 1960-62)

Clarence Williams (DE, 1995-98)

Corey Williams (DL, 2000-03)

H.T. Winters (ATH, 1929-32)

Jim Wiseman (C, 1984-87)

Richie Woit (RB, 1950-53)


Larry Lacewell


David Mitchell (Hall of Honor Player/Coach)

Tim Keane (Hall of Honor Player/Coach)

Leslie Speck (Hall of Honor Player/Coach)

Bill Templeton (Hall of Honor Player/Coach/Ring of Honor)

Bill?Davidson?(Hall of Honor Player/Coach)

Ron Carroll (Hall of Honor, Trainer)

Ike Tomlinson?(Hall of Honor/Ring of Honor, AD/Coach)


Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, alumnus '68

Terry Mohajir, A-State Director of Athletics, letterman

Gina Bowman, former A-State Sports Information Director

Dick Clay, retired media (passed August '14)

Mike Gleghorn, letterman and Letterman's Club President

Larry Lacewell, former head FB coach andAD, Ring of Honor, Hall of Honor

Dr. Tim Langford, letterman, Ring of Honor, Hall of Honor, Board of Trustees

Mickey Ryan, former A-State Associate AD, historian

Jerry Schaeffer, former A-State Sports Information Director

Jerry Scott, A-State Sports Information Director

Kevin Turbeville, current media


Ryan Aplin (2009-12), Gene Bradley (1976-79), Dwane Brown (1984-87), Bill Caldwell (1957-59), Corey Leonard (2006-09), Cleo Lemon (1997-2000), James Hamilton (1968-71), David Hines (1972-75), Tim Langford (1980-83), Tommy Spiers (1954-56), Sammy Wier (QB, 1960-62)


Jonathan Adams (1998-2001), Reggie Arnold (2006-09), Maurice Carthon (1979-82), Terry Gwin (1965-66), Calvin Harrell (1968-71), Leroy Harris (1975-76), Rickey Jemison (1983-86), Tom Reese (1962-65), Don Riggs (1955-58), Danny Smith (2000-02), Antonio Warren (2002-05), Richie Woit (1950-53)


Ray Brown (1983-85), David Johnson (2005-08), Ron Teat (1996-99)


Randy Barnhill (1984-86), Dan Buckley (1966-69) Tommy Davis (1958-59), Wayne Dorton (1968-71), Frank Farella (1954-57), TJ Humphreys (1973-76), Ken Jones (1972-75), Garry Johnson (1999-2002), Harry Larche (1946-48), Doug Lowery (1970-73), Matt Mandich (2005-08), Bill Phillips (1968-71), Mike Ray (1987-89), Dan Summers (1962-65), (Billy) Joe Turner (1960-62), Tommy Walker (1980-83), Jim Wiseman (1984-87)


Fred Barnett (1986-89), Dwayne Frampton (2010-11), Lennie Johnson (1995-98), Gerald Jumper (1964-67), Robert Kilow (1998-2000), John Koldus (1950-52), JD McKissic (2012-current), Taylor Stockemer (2009-12)


Jon Bradley (2000-03), Ryan Carrethers (2010-13), Alex Carrington (2006-09), Michael Cline (1983-85), Gary Crane (1967-68), Carter Ray Crawford (1984-85), Dick Dixon (1972-75), Charlie Fredrick (1984-87), Brandon Joiner (2010-11), Jimmy Lisko (1972-75), Dan Mullen (1972-75), Marvin Neloms (1983-86), Robert Speer (1973-76), Clovis Swinney (1967-69), Clarence Williams (1995-98), Corey Williams (2000-03)


Bill Bergey (1965-68), Demario Davis (2008-11), Carlos Emmons (1992-95), Qushaun Lee (2011-current), Mike Malham Jr (1972-75), Mike Morris (1979-82), Jerry Muckensturm (1972-75), Ron Smith (1976-79)


Howard Cissell (1954-57), Rick Fishback (1981-82), Joe Holliman (1971-74), Greg Lee (1984-87), Tyrell Johnson (2004-07), Dennis Meyer (1968-71), Roy Painter (1973-76), Dick Ritchey (1964-67), Elbert Shelley (1983-86), Jerome Sims (1982-85), James Simmons (1970-72), Terry Whiting (1968-71)


Everett Bolton (1939-40, 1946-47), Johnie Burnett (1927-29), Foy Hammons (1913-15; 1919), Okey Oldham (1927-29), H.T. Winters (1929-32)


Kicker:   Josh Arauco (2006-09), Brian Davis (2010-13), Jeff Caldwell (1993-96), Doug Dobbs (1976-79), Scott Roper (1986-87)

Punter:  Bruce Gartman (1980-82), Kyle Richardson (1992-95), Joe Slayton (1976-79)


Larry Lacewell

 (based on most years in one decade for players that crossed over into two different decades):

Foy Hammons (1913-15; 1919)


Johnie Burnett (ATH, 1927-29), Okey Oldham (ATH, 1927-29)


H.T. Winters (ATH, 1929-32)


Everett Bolton (ATH, 1939-40, 1946-47), Harry Larche (LINEMAN, 1946-48)


Howard Cissell (DB, 1954-57), Bill Caldwell (QB, 1957-59), Tommy Davis (C, 1958-59), Frank Farella (OL, 1954-57), John Koldus, (WR,1950-52), Tommy Spiers (QB, 1954-56), Don Riggs (RB, 1955-58), Richie Woit (1950-53)


Dan Buckley (OL, 1966-69), Gary Crane (DE, 1967-68), Bill Bergey (LB, 1965-68), Terry Gwin (RB, 1965-66), Gerald Jumper (WR, 1964-67), Tom Reese (RB, 1962-65), Dick Ritchey (DB, 1964-67), Clovis Swinney (DL, 1967-69), Dan Summers (OL, 1962-65), (Billy) Joe Turner (C, 1960-62), Sammy Wier (QB, 1960-62)


Gene Bradley (QB, 1976-79), Dick Dixon (DL, 1972-75), Doug Dobbs (K, 1976-79), Wayne Dorton (OL, 1968-71), James Hamilton (QB, 1968-71), Calvin Harrell (RB, 1968-71), Leroy Harris (FB, 1975-76), David Hines (QB, 1972-75), Joe Holliman (DB, 1971-74), TJ Humphreys (OL, 1973-76), Ken Jones (OL, 1972-75), Jimmy Lisko (Utility, 1972-75), Doug Lowery (OL, 1970-73), Mike Malham Jr (LB, 1972-75), Dennis Meyer (DB, 1968-71), Jerry Muckensturm (LB, 1972-75), Dan Mullen (DE, 1972-75), Roy Painter (DB, 1973-76), Bill Phillips (OL, 1968-71), James Simmons (DB, 1970-72), Joe Slayton (P, 1976-79), Ron Smith (LB, 1976-79), Robert Speer (DE, 1973-76)


Fred Barnett (WR, 1986-89), Randy Barnhill (OL, 1984-86), Dwane Brown (QB, 1984-87), Ray Brown (TE, 1983-85), Maurice Carthon (FB, 1979-82), Michael Cline (DL, 1983-85), Carter Ray Crawford (DL, 1984-85), Charlie Fredrick (NG, 1984-87), Rick Fishback (DB, 1981-82), Bruce Gartman (P, 1980-82), Rickey Jemison (FB, 1983-86), Tim Langford (QB, 1980-83), Greg Lee (DB, 1984-87), Mike Morris (LB, 1979-82), Tommy Marvin Neloms (DL, 1983-86), Mike Ray (OL, 1987-89), Scott Roper (K, 1986-87), Elbert Shelley (DB, 1983-86), Jerome Sims (DB, 1982-85), Tommy Walker (OL, 1980-83), Terry Whiting (Return Specialist, 1968-71), Jim Wiseman (C, 1984-87)


Jeff Caldwell (K, 1993-96), Carlos Emmons (LB, 1992-95), Cleo Lemon (QB, 1997-2000), Lennie Johnson (WR, 1995-98), Robert Kilow (WR, 1998-2000), Kyle Richardson (P, 1992-95), Ron Teat (TE, 1996-99), Clarence Williams (DE, 1995-98)


Jonathan Adams (RB, 1998-2001), Josh Arauco (K, 2006-09), Reggie Arnold (RB, 2006-09), Jon Bradley (DL, 2000-03), Alex Carrington (DL, 2006-09), Corey Leonard (QB, 2006-09), David Johnson (TE, 2005-08), Tyrell Johnson (DB, 2004-07), Garry Johnson (OL, 1999-2002), Matt Mandich (OL, 2005-08), Danny Smith (RB, 2000-02), Antonio Warren (RB, 2002-05), Corey Williams (DL, 2000-03)


Ryan Aplin (QB, 2009-12), Ryan Carrethers (DL, 2010-13), Demario Davis (LB, 2008-11), Brian Davis (K, 2010-13), Dwayne Frampton (WR, 2010-11), Brandon Joiner (DE, 2010-11), Qushuan Lee (LB, 2011-current), JD McKissic (WR, 2012-current), Taylor Stockemer (WR, 2009-12)