Deer forecast for hunters and drivers

Deer forecast for hunters and drivers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's hunting season and a lot of factors play into what makes a great hunt, the weather being one of the biggest.

Shaun Merrell with Crowley's Ridge Nature Center said that hunting in the cold can be rough on the hunters in the stands, but when it comes down to getting the deer moving, cooler temperatures are what's needed.

"Cooler weather tends to make certain species of wildlife move more," Merrell said.

A good hunt depends more on just the temperatures.  The wind plays a big factor when deciding where to set up in the woods.

"If you think the wind is going to be coming out of the north, but the wind is coming out of the south, you know that may be a bad stand because you're going to be blowing your scent right toward where they're going to be coming out," Merrell said.

The wind is so important that the direction it is blowing is only part of what to pay attention to, the speed is also important.  Merrell said if the wind is blowing quick it will spook the deer and they will bed down until it calms down.

Beyond the weather, there are other big factors to take in as well, like how bright the moon is the night before.

"Deer tend to move more on a full moon night, so they may be less active during the day," Merrell said.

With more deer moving at night, it could lead to more deer on the road and a full moon combined with this time of year could mean more deer out on the roadways.

"Certain nights, certain animal species move more than others, but really with deer it is a certain time of year and we're probably right at the beginning of that certain time of year and that's the rutting season," Merrell said.

With only a short period of time to go hunting each year Merrell told me exactly the kind of morning he wants when heading into the stands.

"Somewhere between 30 to 40 degrees, kind of a calm morning to start off with and a light breeze after that.  Clear or cloudy I'm good either way.  So that would be my perfect morning situations scenario, but anytime I can get out there.  That's my perfect day," Merrell said.

For more information on hunting in Region 8 you can contact the Crowley's Ridge Nature Center here.

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