People prepare for possible winter weather in Sharp and Lawrence County

People prepare for possible winter weather in Sharp and Lawrence County

SHARP/LAWRENCE COUNTY - The possibility of winter weather tends to bring many people out to the grocery stores to stock up on food. This was the case in Hoxie and Hardy late Sunday afternoon.

Coty James, Price Chopper employee, said as soon as the forecast showed possible winter weather, customers rolled in. "Two or three days even before it actually got here, they were here trying to stock up," James said.

James said everyone was coming in to get the essentials. "Bread, milk, eggs, you know stuff like that," James said.

James said he believes people were probably caught off guard by the chance of bad weather because it is only mid-November, but he said they have plenty of food in stock whether it gets bad or not.

Hays Grocery store in Walnut Ridge also had a crowd. The manager said they have been busy, and Nathan Gann was one customer with a full basket.

"It's going to get rough, so we figured we might need to come out and get some milk and eggs and bread," Gann said. "You know we don't want to be snowed in."

He explained he was getting groceries because you can never be sure what the weather will do. "Just in case the weather gets bad, it always helps to be prepared," Gann said.

Anna West was another customer at Hays, but she said she made a trip because she just needed a few things from the store. She said she isn't too worried about the weather. "I've lived a long time, seen a lot of weather, and a lot of other things," West said. "No big deal."

Whether you are someone who is always prepared just in case or you aren't too concerned about winter weather, James just wants everyone to be careful.

"Be safe," James said. "If you know weather is coming, come to the store tonight get your food and just stay at the house, unless you absolutely have to get out."

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