School procedures help keep kids warm

School procedures help keep kids warm

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - These next few days are going to be very chilly with temperatures staying below freezing over the next 24 hours.

How are schools keeping your kids warm?

Keith Davis with Greene County Tech Elementary said that taking care of the kids takes a little extra focus this time of year and half of the battle is keeping the kids inside when it gets too cold.

"If the wind chill is below 35 degrees, not regular temp, but wind chill is below 35 then they stay in," Davis said.

Even if the temperatures are too cold for going outside the kids still need to be active and Davis said that they have a plan for that.

"We do have a facility that students can go to have some activity and to release some of that energy that they need to release," Davis said.

That facility for the students is the gym.  The students are free to go into the gym and be active during the period that they would have recess.

More issues come into play when it gets cold outside for the kids though, and that is the trip to and from school.

"On a daily average our buses pick up and drop off within a two minute period everyday," Davis said.

Davis said that when the kids make the trek from their front door to the bus, the drivers pay attention, looking for students without jackets.  If the students don't have jackets, the school is willing to help.

"We have clothes closets in almost every building," Davis said.

Those closets in the buildings are full of clothing including sweaters, jackets, and pants, which are all used to keep the students warm through the Winter, and the teachers keep track of those who have lost their jackets.  Those jackets that are lost usually end up in the lost and found and are returned quickly.

So jackets can be returned as fast as possible Davis suggests to write your child's name on the tag so it could be returned quicker if lost.

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