Thieves steal $3,000 worth of meat from food pantry

Thieves steal $3,000 worth of meat from food pantry

LUXORA, AR (KAIT) - Thousands of dollars worth of food was stolen from a Region 8 food pantry.

Whoever did it, couldn't have timed their crime better. The pantry in Luxora had just received a huge donation but those with the food pantry say it wasn't a coincidence.

Just in time for the holidays, God's Angel Ministry was stocked to feed the needy until January.

"Drum sticks, chicken breasts, omelets, gizzards," volunteer Donnice Haymon told Region 8 News.

Arkansas Rice Depot had just dropped off $3,000 worth of meat.

Haymon said the food pantry was thrilled as it would have served hundreds of people over the next two months.

However, just two days after the food was delivered, it was stolen on Nov. 12.

"This part was all kicked off laying in the floor here and when we opened the door, we looked on in there and saw all the wall was torn out," Haymon said as she showed where the thieves entered.

The thieves busted down a wall and a door and went straight to the freezer full of meat.

"It was stuffed from the top to bottom," Haymon said.

Thirty pounds of beef, 20 pounds of chicken, several Boston butts and a variety of other meats were stolen according to the pantry.

Though they still have plenty of canned goods, Haymon is upset about what they won't be able to give people for the holidays.

"Corn and green bean and mixed vegetables, that doesn't make a complete holiday meal," Haymon said.

Haymon said they have a good idea of who might be responsible. She explained that a regular at the food pantry helped unload the truck full of meat. She said, "They actually helped us brought it into the building."

Haymon said what's worse is what she's heard is being done with the meat. "From what we know, they've been selling it around town."

Now, as the non-profit tries to find the money to fix the wall as well get at least some meat in the freezer before Thanksgiving, they are begging those who might know something to come forward with information.

"Don't let some man, some woman, some boy, some girl go hungry this holiday because somebody came in and took the meat and stuff we had for them."

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to give police a call.

The food pantry receives food from the United States Department of Agriculture and the Feeding America program.

Haymon said you can also contact the Luxora City Hall.

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