Sheriff: Watch out for 3 separate scam calls

Sheriff: Watch out for 3 separate scam calls
Scam Alert

CROSS COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Three different calls claiming to be from three different organizations are scams according to a local sheriff's office.

The Cross County Sheriff's Office is warning residents to watch out for calls from those claiming to be from the Entergy Arkansas, Inc., the IRS and Publishers Clearing House.

For the Entergy call, the sheriff's office states the caller claims the utilities will be shut off unless a payment is given over the phone. The sheriff's office urges residents to call Entergy if they have a question about their account.

Residents have also been complaining about a supposed call from the IRS. In this instance the caller states someone owes back taxes and asks for personal information. If the potential victim does not give the information to them, the caller threatens to have the police arrest them.

The sheriff's office wants to remind residents the IRS will not call asking for this information, nor will they send police to their home.

Lastly, residents have reported calls claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House. The caller tells someone they have won thousands of dollars, but the winner must send a processing fee to get the money. This is a scam according to the sheriff's office.

In all three incidents, residents are advised through the Cross County Sheriff's Office not to give out any personal information.

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