Region 8 Shooting Suspect Arrested in Florida

DECEMBER 29, 2004 - Posted at 10:19 a.m. CST, updated at 7:52 a.m. CST on 12/30

JONESBORO, AR - The man who allegedly shot two Region 8 residents earlier this week has been captured by law enforcement authorities in Florida.

Jonesboro Police Department detective sergeant Todd Nelson confirmed the arrest for K8 News.

Sharp County Sheriff Dale Weaver had additional information, saying that 60-year-old Allen Evans was arrested at approximately 8 o'clock (CST) Wednesday morning in the Tampa Bay area by officers with the Hernando County, Florida Sheriff's Department.  "His girlfriend, who lives down there, had filed a 'missing & dangerous' persons report on him, and he was arrested this morning by Hernando County on a traffic stop," said Weaver.  Weaver said Evans was arrested without incident, and that Hernando County authorities contacted his office shortly afterward to confirm the Sharp and Craighead County warrants for the suspect.

The suspect did have a rifle with him at the time of the arrest.  Ballistics tests will determine whether it was the same rifle used in the shooting of Jonesboro attorney Bill Webster on Monday.  Evans was taken to a Florida hospital after his arrest, where he is being held under guard.

Procedings are expected to begin soon to extradite Evans from Florida to Arkansas.

Evans allegedly shot and wounded a Sharp County woman Sunday night, and is also suspected in the Monday afternoon shooting of Webster outside his local law office.  The Sharp County victim received only minor shotgun pellet wounds, but Webster remains hospitalized in critical condition in Jonesboro following a lengthy emergency surgery Monday afternoon.