Region 8 businesses turn ducks into big bucks

Region 8 businesses turn ducks into big bucks

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Waterfowl season starts on Saturday for Arkansas and hunters are expecting this season to be bigger than ever.

Many hunters believe the hunt will be good this year thanks to poor weather conditions further north. Experts say those poor conditions force ducks to migrate further south.

Zach Fahlberg with Duxmen Outfitters Guide Service and Lodge said he has noticed more birds this year.

"Arkansas as a whole is holding more birds than we ever have this early in the season," Fahlberg said.

With hunting conditions being so favorable, Fahlberg and his partner, Spencer Jeu, are working hard to prepare for the big season.

"I start at the end of September, early part of October getting pits pumped out, getting all of the trash, mud, old decoys, snakes, frogs, rats and everything out of the pits," said Jeu. "[I] basically get them dry and start camouflaging them and getting ready to turn water on."

Once that water is turned on and pumped into the fields, the money starts pumping into Region 8.

"Duck hunting is a huge part of Arkansas economy. We bring in many guys from out of state," Jeu said. "All of those hunting stores that are just booming when the new guys from out of state come in and want to try duck hunting out or you get guys that have been here for years or come down for years and they just make an annual trip out of it."

Those tax dollars added to the Region 8 economy make one thing clear: Ducking hunting is huge in Arkansas.

"Arkansas kills more mallards than any other state in the union. We hold that title. Everybody knows that when you come to Arkansas the main duck that everyone wants to kill is a mallard and we do a good job of that," Jeu said.

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