Dustin McDaniel thanks Region 8 for their support

Dustin McDaniel thanks Region 8 for their support

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel told Region 8 he was happy with his service as the state's chief legal advisor.

McDaniel spoke at the Northeast Arkansas Political Animals on Friday afternoon.

McDaniel said he felt he was able to accomplish many things he wanted to accomplish and more while he was in office.

He said he was able to get his work done thanks to many people supporting him.

"Thanks to everyone in Region 8 who has been so helpful for me over the years," McDaniel said. "I hope that they are pleased with the work that we have done and know how deeply grateful I am for their prayers and support."

McDaniel said when his term as Attorney General ends, he will open law practices in Little Rock and Jonesboro.

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