Region 8's Connection To Tsunami Disaster

Dec 29, 2004-- Posted at 9:15 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- "If he is still alive, he is out there helping them. That is probably one of the reasons he has been so busy, and couldn't get back into touch with us,"said Bart Ahlberg.

The last time Bart Ahlberg, of Jonesboro, spoke with his son, Bill, was on Christmas Eve.

Bill would spend Christmas at his home in Korea, and then begin his vacation in Thailand.

"He said he would be out of pocket for 30 days, and he said I would get in touch with you when I get back,"said Ahlberg.

"He said the water had run in three to four miles, and I asked my oldest son when he was over there how far is Bill's house from the ocean, he said about five miles,"said Ahlberg.

He anxiously awaits news from his son, and that news came tonight in the form of an e mail.

Bill let his dad know that he, and his wife, are all right.

Now, Bart rests easier knowing unlike hundreds of thousands of other parents whose children are missing, his son is alive.