How to get the best deals this holiday season

How to get the best deals this holiday season

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Black Friday is several days away, but holiday shopping is in full swing.

When is the best time to shop to get the best deals?

Vera Gibbons, personal finance expert, said it all depends on what you are looking for.

Some in Jonesboro have already started shopping but others are waiting until closer to Christmas.

"Well everything is going slow right now," Aretha Fox said. "I'm always a last minute shopper."

"It's next month and I haven't done anything yet so I jumped online real quick to order a few things," Erika Schrunk said.

Mike Duncan and Paige Sanders both said they are waiting until Black Friday.

"There are a couple of the deals that I am trying to get," Sanders said. "You know, as far as the electronics go."

Marvin Davis said he is looking for electronics, too. He is keeping his eye out for a new TV.

Gibbons said to find a TV or electronics for a good price, Black Friday is the day to shop. She said Black Friday is also the best day to buy appliances, cookware, and video games.

While there are good deals on Black Friday, not everyone can handle the crowds on the day after Thanksgiving.

"I like to avoid crowds as much as I can," Fox said. "I love to do it online better now."

"Trying to do cyber Monday this year," Schrunk said. "So we will see how it goes."

Gibbons said the best thing to get on cyber Monday is clothes and apparel.

"You tend to see 45% more clothing deals on Cyber Monday itself," Gibbons said. "And Cyber Monday is generally when you see store wide discounts. You know, take 30% off everything."

If it's toys you are looking for, Gibbons said you may not want to wait.

"If you're in the market for the really hot, super hot toys, the toys that are out on the best toy list that have been released by Amazon and the likes, I wouldn't wait to get these hot toys," Gibbons said.

Shoppers in Jonesboro said they are hoping to get all of their holiday shopping done soon, but Fox said she knows she will still be shopping a couple of days before Christmas.

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