A Better Region 8 : Keep a joyful holiday spirit

A Better Region 8 : Keep a joyful holiday spirit

I noticed over the weekend that the holiday shopping season has begun. A lot of cars on the road! It 'tis the season.

There's no doubt there'll be some frustrating times on our roads, in our stores, and even in our homes. Please remember to take a deep breath and be positive. Sure there will be frustrating situations. The holidays takes strength and patience.

When someone cuts you off in traffic, drives like they aren't exactly sure where they're going, buys that last item in the store that you were looking for, or loses their holiday spirit during a family gathering, let's use these moments to show how nice we really are to each other here in Region 8.

Let's keep that thankful holiday spirit, show patience to each other and be nice. It will make the holiday season that much more special, and it will make this A Better Region 8.

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