Hoxie voters hit the polls for mayoral runoff race

Hoxie voters hit the polls for mayoral runoff race

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - Tuesday is runoff election day and the city of Hoxie is split on who should be its next mayor.

In Nov. 4's general election, it came down to two candidates: incumbent Lanny Tinker and Dennis Coggins.

Some voters want Tinker to continue his work in office, while others want a new face, Coggins, to bring a new vision for the city.

This controversy is bringing even more voters out to the polls. Lawrence County Clerk Tina Stowers said early voting and absentee numbers show more than 300 people county-wide cast their vote.

"There's a lot of conflict in the city right now," said Stowers. "There's been about an average turnout on early voting, but I think this will bring a lot of people out today."

The mayoral election brought voters to the polls for different reasons.

"The city of Hoxie has problems financially, infrastructure's falling apart," Hoxie voter Redda Russell said. "There's just so many things that are coming together that need attention and we're going to have to be able to focus and get that done. I think it's important that we keep somebody in there that's experienced and can function."

"I live in this community, I'm a part of this community and I have been my whole life," said Hoxie voter Margarett Tyler. "I feel like this is an important issue where we need to get out and vote."

"It [the conflict] has to do a whole lot I think with water and sewer, but that's about all I know about it," Stowers said.

They may vote for different reasons but agree it is every resident's right and duty to vote in Tuesday's election.

"It's their choice, but I hope they're making an educated choice," Russell said.

No matter what voters decide, they hope the community can move forward.

"We all have an opinion and are split a little bit, but I think we will all pull together and be a community long after this," Tyler said.

Region 8 News will update you with the election results as the numbers start coming in.

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