Prosecutor asks court to dismiss charges against Martha Shoffner

Prosecutor asks court to dismiss charges against Martha Shoffner

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - On Tuesday, Nov. 25, Christopher Thyer, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, filed a motion to dismiss the remaining counts of indictment against former Arkansas State Treasurer Martha Shoffner of Newport.

A jury found Shoffner found guilty of 6 counts of extortion, one count of attempted extortion, and 7 counts of receiving bribes.

A federal grand jury had previously indicted Shoffner in a Second Superseding indictment in February for 10 counts of mail fraud and a trial was set for Feb. 7, 2015.

Shoffner is alleged to have used $9,800 from her re-election campaign for personal expenses, including clothing and cosmetics, according to a news release from the prosecutor's office.

In announcing his decision to dismiss the mail fraud charges, Thyer stated if Shoffner was convicted "there would be minimal, if any, impact" on her March 11 conviction sentencing.

"What Ms. Shoffner did was wrong on many levels," Thyer said. "However, at this time it is best to move forward with sentencing on the bribery and extortion convictions, and we anticipate presenting evidence related to the mail fraud at that time."

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