Region 8 truck driver awarded for safety

Region 8 truck driver awarded for safety

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Many drivers can't say their record is accident free, but one Jonesboro truck driver can.

Steve Hillen with Conway Freight in Jonesboro was awarded Tuesday for driving two million miles without an incident.

Ryan Roark of Conway Freight said he's very proud to have someone like Hillen working with their company.

"It's a great accomplishment for any driver to go 1 million miles, let alone 2 million miles," Roark said. "To be accident-, injury-free in all kinds of weather and traffic situations, and to do that and be able to never have any type of accident is just a huge accomplishment."

Hillen said there's a reason for his success.

"Don't get in a big hurry because when you get in a big hurry things tend to just go wrong," Hillen said. "Don't ever follow too closely and obey the laws. You obey the laws and you'll drive safe."

Two million miles on the road is the same as driving around the world more than 80 times.

Hillen is also the former winner of the Arkansas State Truck Driving Championship.

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