Crowd welcomes Natalie Eaton home for the holidays

Crowd welcomes Natalie Eaton home for the holidays

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) - As the saying goes; home is where the heart is. Tuesday night it was obvious that Harrisburg is home to Natalie Eaton.

Throngs of people lined the streets of Harrisburg to welcome her back. It's the first time she's been home since a freak accident in August nearly claimed her life.

Just two days into her freshman year at Arkansas State University, Natalie was impaled in the neck by the metal shaft of a broken golf club.

A fellow student was using the golf club as a baseball bat to hit a football. Upon impact, the golf club broke and traveled 30 feet, impaling Natalie in the neck.

Since that day, Natalie has spent most of her time at Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

Every grueling step she's taken in her rehabilitation process has brought her that much closer to home.

Her hard work and determination just resulted in graduation to outpatient care and most importantly, a trip back to Harrisburg for Thanksgiving.

For Natalie the signs, the balloons and the support she saw her first time home in months was a total surprise.

That much was evident from the look on her face as she pulled into her driveway.

So this Thanksgiving, as her friends and family are thankful she's alive and home for the holidays, Natalie is thankful too.

Thankful for the showing of support that proves there really is no place like home.

Natalie will head back to Atlanta after the Thanksgiving holiday to continue outpatient care at Shepherd Center.

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