More than one way to carve a turkey

More than one way to carve a turkey

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - St. Bernard's hospital hosted a turkey carving contest Wednesday between one of their chefs and a surgeon.

Chef Harrell Conley, otherwise known as "Sony"and Dr. William McAlexander consider each other friends and decided to have the friendly competition in the hospital cafeteria, both using different tools.

Dr. McAlexander used surgical tools to carve his turkey, while Chef Conley used his tools from the kitchen.  The men were judged by a three person panel and they said that this isn't the first time they've done this competition.

"Nine years ago when I joined St. Bernard's I challenged Sony and uh, to the same thing and it was due for another challenge," McAlexander said.

Both men said that it is a fun way to bring more holiday spirit to the office.  The competition didn't end up with just one winner either.  Both men ended up as winners in their own way. Chef Sony won the title of fastest carver, while Dr. McAlexander won the title of best dressed turkey.  

"He have surgeon and of course we have chef knives and stuff so, but he did real good," Sony said.

"Sony does a good job, he's always done a good job, he's a great chef, and I'm not as fast as he is, but I can make a bird look pretty," McAlexander said.

With all jokes being set aside, both men said they love bringing more joy to the office and are especially happy they get to have the event now, because Dr. Alexander will be leaving soon and it allowed for another fun memory.

"We enjoy helping the moral of the staff and my favorite part is getting to use knives, turkeys, Thanksgiving, and getting to work with Sony," McAlexander said.

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