Dog uses front legs to crawl miles home after being hit by car

Dog uses front legs to crawl miles home after being hit by car

LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) - At just two years old, Roxy the Boxer has a lot of fight in her.

Roxy started her life in an abusive home.

"She had been chained up for most all of her life. they were very mean to her there, she's never really had a family," Tiffany McFadden told Region 8 News.

Roxy was rescued from the abusive situation.

McFadden, her adoptive mom, said things were finally looking up for Roxy until last week.

"We let Roxy out to potty. We have six acres and usually she makes her runs and she's right in," McFadden said.

However last week, Roxy was nowhere to be found. For four days, McFadden and family searched for Roxy, thinking the worst.

When she showed up at their back door, McFadden could tell something was horribly wrong.

"Soaking wet, freezing," McFadden described. "So we brought her in and we could tell that she had been hit."

Though they live right off the highway, McFadden doesn't think she was hit along Highway 18.

Rather, she believes Roxy was hit on a back road miles from home. What it took to get home was no easy feat.

"Over the course of four days, she had to use her upper body strength to crawl through, I'm sure down the gravel roads, through the fields," McFadden said. "In the elements. It's been freezing cold, it's been raining, no shelter, no food, in agonizing pain."

Roxy made an incredible journey to get back to the one place she's known love.

"She made it here and so it's up to me as her mother to make sure that she gets the best care possible."

It won't be easy. McFadden has learned Roxy's pelvis is completely detached from her spine on both sides of her body. Her pelvis also has numerous fractures.

Because of nerve damage, Roxy can't even wag her tail.

Surgery will likely have to be done in Memphis.

"Ideally, they would be able to fuse the pelvis back to the spine but if that is just financially out of the ballpark, even with donations, then we will just see if they can't do a salvage procedure and go in and just amputate," McFadden said.

Mcfadden just sent Roxy's x-rays to Memphis. She hopes to get a better idea of what can be done soon.

For more information on Roxy's recovery and ways to help, visit the

that McFadden has set up.

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