Tips to Avoid a Hangover

December 30, 2004--Posted at 6:00p.m. CST

JONESBORO-- Before you bring in the New Year with a drink in hand, take some valuable advice. You'll thank me the morning after.

Before consuming that first drink, pharmacists say that it is important to remember a few small details.

Pharmacist Ken Gibson says, "You certainly don't want to drink on an empty stomach. That will intoxicate you more quickly than anything else."

If that doesn't help, and you still wake up in 2005 with a headache and nausea, you might be experiencing a hangover.

The main hangover effect of alcohol is dehydration, but it can be prevented.

"Dehydration can be counter balanced by drinking plenty of water or other fluids, non-alcoholic fluids, along with alcohol," Pharmacist Lee Shinabery says.

There are many symptoms that come along with a hangover, and common over the counter drugs may provide relief.

"For example, you have a want to treat the symptoms that are there. You can start with Tylenol or something along those lines," Shinabery says.

However, there are specific products that are formulated for over drinking.

"Alka Seltzer makes a product called Morning Relief which is an excellent product," Gibson says.

There is also a product advertised in some convenient stores called "Chaser."

The directions recommend taking two tablets with your first drink, but it could be a waste of time.

Pharmacists say that these products, unapproved by the FDA, can be a scam.

"If it were a good product and substantiated by the FDA, we would sell it in the pharmacy and we don't," Gibson says.

Professional advice is helpful, but pharmacists also offer excellent personal advice.

"Be safe on your New Year's Eve and the best way to do that is not to drink," Gibson says.

"Watch what you do, and don't do it in excess," Shinabery adds.