Multiple break-ins reported during the holiday season

Multiple break-ins reported during the holiday season

POINSETT COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Authorities in Poinsett County said they've seen an uptick in break-ins and burglaries.

They said numbers are up in several other counties as well.

With the holidays approaching fast, police want to remind you to keep your personal items locked up and out of the view of potential thieves.

Trumann Police Chief Chad Henson and Poinsett County Sheriff Larry Mills both said one of the top tips is to make sure your home and vehicle are locked.

Drivers are advised to not leave items like electronics, guns, or anything of value in their vehicles.

Mills said that even if you consider your neighborhood to be a safe one, you still need to lock your doors.

Residents are also advised to keep the front and back areas of your home well lit.

Also said having a security system and sign are good measures to take, Mills said. Some alternatives could be as simple as having a dog to alert you of possible visitors.

Henson said break ins around the holidays are common because people know this is the time of year families go out of town.

If you're one of those who plan to leave, Henson said telling your neighbor could be a good idea so they can watch over your home while you're gone.

He also said many of the break-ins go unreported. There is a tip line that allows callers to submit tips anonymously, Henson said.

He also said don't draw attention to your home. If you have any major electronic purchases, don't leave the packaging on the sidewalk until sanitation crews come pick it up. That sends a big red flag to potential thieves about your new, expensive items.

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