Jonesboro City Council Finalizes Budget Plans

December 31, 2004 -- Posted at 5:00 p.m. CST

JONESBORO-- A new mayor is meeting new challenges as he crunches numbers on the 2005 budget.

Mayor-Elect Doug Formon says,"Trying to figure out all of these numbers and expenditures, with some of the ependitures coming from this account or that one, it's just too hard to figure out at a glance without really working at it hard and heavy. So, we have got to get that cleared up."

The council spent New Year's Eve morning clearing up cloudy figures and reviewing itemized expenditures to improve the overall outlook.

"That was the main focus today, just trying to get a real clear picture of what we have in revenue and expenditures where you can just sit down and look at it," Formon says.

One of the changes proposed today was to add an additional $250 thousand to the capital improvement fund for a class four landfill.

The addition will bring the total for this fund to $1 million.

City Finance Director Larry Flowers is credited with creating the system to itemize the budget.

Even for him, this job has been difficult.

"It takes a lot of ciphering for him to even figure out what the bottom number is just at a glance," Formon says.

The city council has given the budget more than just a glance, and for now, they have the financial conditions figured out.

"We've got revenues of $32,762,977.00. We've got expenditures of $35,259,252.00. Overall, deficit equals $3.7 million. 3 million of that is the deficit in our operation and maintenence funds," Flowers says.