A Better Region 8: Stopping domestic violence

A Better Region 8: Stopping domestic violence

It's a piece of video involving an NFL player that isn't a highlight.

In September of this year, a video was released of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, knocking his now wife unconscious in an Atlantic City casino elevator. The NFL suspended Rice and the Ravens cut him from the team.

Now, a judge ruled through arbitration that the NFL suspension can be vacated meaning, Rice can return to the NFL if any of the teams would have him. I don't think he deserves a second chance.

Yes – he took responsibility for his actions. There are, however, some actions that don't deserve second chances. If you or I were to do this kind of unspeakable act, there would be assault charges and expected consequences, and I don't understand why Ray Rice should be treated any different.

This situation has the country talking openly about domestic violence and ways to help empower victims and for that we should be grateful. If you are watching this editorial and you are a victim of Domestic Violence, it's our hope and prayer that you find the help.

Call the Women's Crises Center of Northeast Arkansas 24 hour hotline at 870-933-9449. Stopping domestic violence and holding those who commit it accountable for the actions will make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy - KAIT VP & General Manager

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