"Lights on the Z" raises money for children's hospital, surpasses goal

"Lights on the Z" raises money for children's hospital, surpasses goal
"Lights on the Z" display
"Lights on the Z" display
"Lights on the Z" display
"Lights on the Z" display
"Lights on the Z" display
"Lights on the Z" display

STEELE, MO (KAIT) - In Steele, Missouri, a set of Christmas lights do more than light up the night, they shine a light on a need.

For two months, friends and family of Bruce McCaig of the 5 One 5 Pit Stop worked tirelessly to complete 'Lights on the Z'. 

McCaig lives along Highway Z in Steele, hence the name.

"We've worked pretty much every day, every weekend, every minute that we've got free," Melissa Jones said.

Jones, McCaig's girlfriend, said the idea stemmed from YouTube videos.

"We just sort of tinkered with it last year," Jones said.

They 'tinkered' with 10,000 lights.

"Just to get the feel for it, thinking, well this might be something we want to do again," she said. "As you can see, it is something we want to do again."

This time, they used 130,000 lights.

The show lasts roughly 20 minutes. You can hear everything from classic Christmas songs to the Lion King theme.

If you look closely, you might even see Santa in the window sneaking a cookie and milk before Christmas.

However the reason behind the display isn't to show off. It ties in with the reason for the season.

"There have been several people in this area that have had to use the services of St. Jude. It's just a way to pay it forward and this is the perfect season for it," Jones said.

Already, the donations have come pouring in.

They officially lit the display Thanksgiving night. In one week they raised over $650.

"And we've still got, what? Three weeks til Christmas. We just need to show the big guys what the little town of Steele can do," Jones said.

Their original goal was to raise $1,500, but they passed that. So, they created a new goal of $10,000, which they also succeeded in meeting. When all of the money was counted after Christmas, $13,140 was raised by 'Lights on the Z'. 

Susan Green stopped by the display Wednesday night to donate.

"It's for such a great cause. You pay nothing when you go to St. Jude," Green said.

Green is neighbors with Jones and McCaig along Highway Z but what they're doing hits even closer to home.

"My step grandson goes to St. Jude," Green said, choking back tears.

"I would love to take them just a whole pot of money down there and give back to those kids," Jones said.

McCaig and Jones do have one neighbor.

When asked what they thought, McCaig said they were going to put up a sign that said "ditto" pointing to their house.

However, after putting together a 130,000 light show, they didn't get the chance to this year.

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