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A Better Region 8: Support the Red Wolves at GoDaddy Bowl

Way to go Red Wolves! The Arkansas State football team will make its fourth appearance in the GoDaddy Bowl. 

It's an incredible accomplishment for the team and specifically the seniors. Think about it, they've had five coaches in five years. During that time they won three conference titles and two of three bowl games. They played in all three without a head coach. All they do is win. 

These players were there to get an education but the lessons learned on the field and with the team will be with them forever. Change and adapting to new ways is something they've had to do. They did it well and kept winning. 

If you can make the trip to Mobile on January 4th I encourage you to go. These Red Wolves support Region 8. Let's support them. Buy your tickets from the ASU box office and go to the game. 

For those of us that have gone, we know how fun it is! Let's go bowling and support our Red Wolves! It'll make this A Better Region 8.

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