Fire closes the doors of Luxora food pantry

Fire closes the doors of Luxora food pantry

LUXORA, AR (KAIT) - Another tragedy hits a small community in Mississippi county. Just a few weeks ago, the Gods Angel Ministry Food Pantry was robbed. Thieves stole $3,000 worth of meat right before Thanksgiving.

On Thursday, another hardship impacted the food pantry in Luxora. This time a fire.

"I don't like to throw away food at all because there are people right here in Luxora who depend on it that may go to bed hungry if they don't have it," Lynn Rollins said.

Because of the smoke and heat that consumed the building during the fire, all of the food has to be thrown away. Rollins said it is such a waste. She said she comes to the pantry every Thursday to get food for her family.

"Heart wrenching to me," Rollins said. "It really was because we depend on it a lot."

Donnice Haymon is a volunteer and helps run the pantry. She said they believe the fire was caused by the heater.

"Smoke was coming out of the roof, out of the side," Haymon said.

The ceiling has a large hole in it. The windows are boarded up. The power doesn't work. The food in the freezer is now ruined. Pastor Mcarthur Hampton said the loss is devastating.

"Because there are a lot of people that really stand in need of food," Hampton said. "Not just for the holidays, but all through the year."

"If we can just get some help right now," Queen Ora Thurman said. "We need some help right now."

And they do need help. They aren't sure if the building will be salvageable, and they have no insurance.

"If it's possible to remodel or if not we will just have to go from scratch," Hampton said.

"Right now we are at a stand still," Haymon said.

Hampton said bad things happen to good people. He said no matter the obstacle, they will overcome it.

"We just have to take it and continue on, and don't give up," Hampton said.

Those in the Luxora community are asking for any help they can get.

"Gods Angel Ministry stands in need of your help," Hampton said. "You know, whatever you might have or extra to send, I'm quite sure they will appreciate it."

To help or make a donation, contact Gods Angel Ministry at 870-278-2745.

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