A-State fans prepare for 2015 GoDaddy Bowl

A-State fans prepare for 2015 GoDaddy Bowl

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Fans are getting everything in order to head over to Mobile, Alabama for the 2015 GoDaddy Bowl.

This will be the fourth year the A-State Red Wolves play in the GoDaddy Bowl.

This year, Arkansas State will face off against the University of Toledo.

Some fans already purchased their bowl game tickets and their hotel rooms are booked.

"We are going to the Go Daddy for the fourth time, haven't missed one and won't miss one," said Martha Haney.

Many Region 8 residents said they are happy the Red Wolves made it into another bowl game and they expect them to pull another big win.

Some of them say they are especially proud of the team considering the changes in coaches over the last few years.

"They've had so many coach turnovers and they still managed to pull it out," said Clinton Harrison.

The Design Shoppe in Jonesboro received their first shipment of bowl game shirts today and already, there were fans waiting to get their hands on one.

Many of the fans feel big games like the GoDaddy bowl will leave a lasting impact. Not only for the team but for the community.

"It will being a lot of national exposure to the University as well as to Jonesboro and I think that's a good thing. Maybe we'll attract more students that will be interested not just in sports but in ASU in general." said Martha Haney.

"Everybody in the world knows who the Razorbacks are. Now, people are knowing who the Red Wolves are. We are making a name," Lana Foley said.

" It spreads the word about our town and it deserves to be spread around, it's a good town to live in," said Robert Miller.

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