BHS student mixes rap with humor for charity

BHS student mixes rap with humor for charity

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A Batesville High School junior is helping her community with humor.

Lauren Kuykendall wrote and produced a funny rap song during her Environmental and Spatial Tech (EAST) lab class.

"It took about a week to write and a month to produce," Kuykendall said.

"The Ginger Song," now available on iTunes, pokes fun at gingers, or red heads, like Lauren.

"I know kids my age tend to love rap and they like things that make them laugh," Kuykendall said. "It took a long time of thinking and I figured, 'You know, gingers are stereotyped far too much so I'm gonna let them know about it. Right here. Right now.' That's when it was born."

In a two-person studio at Batesville High School, Lauren spit lyrics like, "Tanning beds are our kryptonite, they leave us crispy and that ain't right" and "I'm here to stay cuz only two percent of gingers remain to this day."

"I've worked with video editing and never considered music production," said Kuykendall. "I guess I wanted to try something new so I did and it was fun."

Lauren has a musical background. She can play multiple instruments. But in her class, she had to transform her skills from the actual instrument to a computer keyboard.

"It was really difficult," said Kuykendall. "You have to equalize all the vocals so it doesn't sound too high, too low, so the music doesn't cover it or anything. It's time consuming but in the end it's worth it."

Proud of her work, Lauren posted "The Ginger Song" to iTunes under her rapper alias, "LaurDawg."

"They tell me in the hallway and other people, other schools have been buying it, too," Kuykendall said.

That was always the goal, but the money was never meant for her. 

"The Family Violence Prevention Center is the charity that will benefit from this song," Kuykendall said. "My mom is a physician so she works with mothers and children who are affected by family violence so I felt like I could give back to them in some way."

Lauren makes ten cents for the center in Batesville every time someone buys her song. 

"This song really humbled me, especially when people find it humorous and they buy it when I know they dont have to," Kuykendall said.

Lauren said she will know by the end of the month just how quickly that ten cents can hopefully add up. 

"People who succumb to violence should seek help and by going to the Family Violence Prevention Center, I hope to give all the proceeds and it will impact them, not just me," Kuykendall said.

Region 8 News will keep you updated on Lauren's progress.

She wants to go to college to be an ER doctor so she said this whole music production thing will at least be a fun hobby.

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