Attacks prompts vicious animal ordinance in Region 8

Attacks prompts vicious animal ordinance in Region 8

CAVE CITY, AR (KAIT) - Recent attacks prompted a

new vicious animal ordinance is in effect in Cave City.

Police Chief Nathan Stephens wrote the ordinance himself after reviewing similar animal ordinances from other chiefs around the state.

He said a few recent attacks showed there was a need for animal control in the city.

He referenced a case involving Alice Payne, 75, who was killed after being attacked by her pit bull.

"It really showed the need that we're going to have to get something done quickly," Stephens said.

Chief Stephens said they get between 3 and 4 bite complaints or aggressive animal attacks each year.

The new ordinance is not breed-specific and  includes various stipulations that Chief Stephens said puts more responsibility on owners.

"As far as

what kind of kennel they can be in, they have to be kept in their home, if they're out of their kennel they have to be muzzled and on a short leash. they also have to have signs posted in certain areas on their pens or on their properties" he said.

Chief Stephens said the penalties range from a $250 fine for the first offense to a judge ordering the animal to be euthanized.

If an owner doesn't think their animal is vicious or aggressive, Chief Stephens says they do have a chance to appeal with the city council.


They'll make the final determination whether or not that animal is going to held according to the ordinance" he said.

Stephens said if anyone wants a copy of the new ordinance it's available at the city hall, along with any other ordinance in the city.

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