Randolph County Woman is Dead after a Shooting in Pocahontas

January 3, 2004-- Posted at 6:30 p.m. CST

POCAHONTAS-- The investigation continues into the New Years Day shooting that left one dead and one injured in Randolph County.

35-year-old Brenda Johnson was shot and killed just outside her home on Pratt Street in Pocahontas.

Her boyfriend, 38-year-old Michael Garret was also injured in the incident.

Chief Chad Mulligan of the Pocahontas P.D. says, "Upon arrival, they noticed a white female, Brenda Johnson, lying in her driveway beside her vehicle with a white male, Micheal Garret standing there holding her."

That was the end for Brenda Johnson...a lifeless body in the arms of her boyfriend on the first day of the new year.

While police have no suspect in the case, they are busy investigating.

"There was a single shot from a 14 gauge shotgun to the left side of her neck and Mr. Garret had his left index finger partially removed and later taken off at the hospital," Chief Mulligan says.

Johnson, a divorced mother of four, was living with her boyfriend Michael Garret.

Garret says they went out for a drive and returned home.

Police say Garret told them they were removing shopping bags from the car when Johnson noticed a shotgun in the back seat.

Garret says he warned her the gun was loaded, but she removed the gun anyway.

As a result, the gun discharged.

Johnson's best friend, Kristen Blansett, says she is most concerned for the Johnson children.

"She has four little girls with their dad. It's sad, it really is. I don't know what they're going to do without her," Blansett says.

2005 will not be the same for Johnson's friends and family, but an example set by Brenda Johnson will never be forgotten.

"She was an angel. She really was," Blansett says.