Social media following you more

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With every status, like, or share, Facebook learns more and more about you. Chances are they may be tracking your online activity more than the government. Some social media users are outraged; others see it as good business.

"It is kind of scary because you think wow everything I'm doing is being tracked," Jeff Morris said.

By tracked he means your online activity. Facebook is able to see what sites you visit and then create interest related ads that are added to your news feed.

For example, if you are online shopping, don't be surprised if seconds later you see an ad on Facebook advertising what you were just looking at.

Is this type of tracking crossing a line?

"Well I think it is probably an invasion of privacy," Timothy Potter said.

"Honestly I think it can go either way," Cody Evans said. "It can be a good tool for the companies, but I also think you should be able to decide if you want them to use your information."

"I think it's a good thing they can see what I'm interested in," Kristal Tacker said. "It's how people market."

Jeff Morris studies marketing in college and said it is good for business and the key to marketing.

"The goal is to get as much information about your customer," Morris said.

Morris said gathering information on customers has been a progressing trend for years.

"You can constantly see a trend of how marketers use the technology that we use every day to better market their product to us," Morris said.

While some information is just up for grabs, you can keep some of it private.

"On Facebook and stuff there is a way through privacy settings that you can go, and I think there is a do not track option," Morris said.

IT experts also suggest cleaning up cookies and data files off your computer, regularly. While there are mixed opinions, Morris said he doesn't see it slowing down.

"Personally, I see it the way life is going," Morris said. "We are a high tech society, and a world constantly on the move."

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