Is the flu vaccine actually effective?

Is the flu vaccine actually effective?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Winter is officially here and with it comes the flu.

December is in full swing and a number of health facilities have already started offering the flu vaccine shot.

The question many are asking is how effective is it?

Infectious Disease Physician with NEA Baptist, Dr. Steven Stroud, said it's an estimated guess each year on which strain of the flu will be the predominant one. This year, things may be a little off.

"It's not that they got it wrong this is, it's just that they've noticed the scientific term is 'drift' in the virus," said Dr. Stroud. "And so, it's changed a little bit since it's come out and so it does make this year's flu shot a little less effective."

This new information does not mean you should not get your flu shot.

Dr. Stroud said the shot still provides you with a certain amount of protection.

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