GCT kindergarteners use cassette tapes to improve reading

GCT kindergarteners use cassette tapes to improve reading

Fewer and fewer kids are taking the time to read a book these days. Some experts blame that on newer technology, like tablets and smart phones.

However, one Region 8 school is using older technology to ignite its students love for reading.

"We know what it says," one kindergartener said.

"It's fun," another kindergartener said. "It helps you read."

Miss Debbie's kindergarteners at Greene County Tech Primary can read and listen to their favorite stories on cassette tapes in The Listening Corner.

"I've seen a lot of new interest," kindergarten teacher Debbie Horner said. "They want to read all the time now."

When Horner started the new listening corner in August, she hoped it would not only bring more interest in books but increase her students' vocabulary and listening and comprehension skills. Five months later, she said she's seeing just that.

"It's improved them on their sight words, when they're in reading groups," Horner said. "It's also increased their left to right when they're reading, they know exactly the front of the book, the back of the book so it's helped a lot with increasing those common core skills, too."

Miss Debbie's class uses the buddy system in The Listening Corner. It's team work to get through a book.

"They love to be read to," Horner said. "Right now, we're reading two or three books a day."

Horner said as her students get older, distractions like tablets and smartphones could curb their love of reading. To make sure that doesn't happen, she said it's important to lay that foundation in kindergarten and continue to build upon it throughout the rest of the student's education.

"They're really learning and they don't even know they're learning when they're reading the books and they are really enjoying them," Horner said.

Miss Debbie's Listening Corner has been so successful that the school is upgrading her cassettes to CDs. After Christmas break, Horner said her class will have about 35 new books with CDs.

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