Lunch and learn focuses on seasonal disorders

Lunch and learn focuses on seasonal disorders

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The weather outside can be frightful in more ways than one.

A lunch and learn took place Friday at St. Bernards Health and Wellness.

Psychiatrist for St. BernardsBehaviorall Health, Dr. Eloise Weeks, spoke to people about "seasonal effective disorder," specifically winter depression.

Dr. Weeks said this is a mood disorder associated with certain times of the year.

"Some of the signs of winter depression include excessive sleeping, excessive sleepiness during the day, increase in appetite, craving sweets, carbohydrate high foods," said Dr. Weeks. "Also having low energy and low mood."

Dr. Weeks said one possible solution to winter depression is light therapy.

She said using a light box at a certain frequency a few times daily for just a few minutes has proven to be very effective.

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