Veterans give back to their own for the holidays

Veterans give back to their own for the holidays

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A local organization spent the day visiting with those who aren't always remembered this time of year, our veterans.

The local chapter of the Disabled Americans Veterans delivered fruit bags and holiday cheer to local veterans across Jonesboro, and the veterans they saw were more than excited.

"These guys are doing a good job," Leo Dale, Navy veteran, said.

"That's good," Albert Rusher said. "I'm glad they are bringing fruit baskets around. I hope I get one!"

Veterans are used to being honored on Veterans day, but Saturday they got a surprise. The local chapter of Disabled Americans Veterans spent the morning passing out nearly 150 fruit bags to veterans. They visited multiple retirement communities in the area.

"Sometimes they get back in a corner and don't get anything," Bill Cribbs, Commander for the DAV, said. "So we try to provide fruit and snacks."

Each bag had fruit, socks, and even a handmade hat. Albert Rusher, 23 year navy vet, said it's a joy to be recognized for something he would never take back.

"At the time you weren't all that proud maybe, but as the years pass, you get older in life and you just look back and think I'm just proud that I did have that opportunity to serve the country," Rusher said.

All the vets said the best part about it is getting to share stories, and Rusher even shared his famous connection. "I went to the naval academy and my famous tie was my roommate was Jimmy Carter," Rusher said.

All the vets stood around visiting. Carl Bragg, with the DAV, said sometimes veterans are forgotten about, but it's their mission to make sure that doesn't happen.

"It's great, you know, to be able to visit with your veterans that's really been there and done it," Bragg said.

While they were able to share some gifts and holiday cheer, these vets also shared something they said never gets old.

"It's a great feeling for someone to walk up and shake your hand and thank you for their freedom," Bragg said.

Those with the DAV said their chapter is recognized as one of the best in the nation. They do many other programs for veterans, and they said it is truly their passion to give back to their own.

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