Increase in thefts, but overall crime down in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A number of shoplifting and burglary crimes have been reported in Region 8 lately and it is commonly thought these types of crimes increase during the holiday.

The Jonesboro Police Department said the crime doesn't necessarily spike during the holiday. Officers said they see many online scams and cyber crimes.

"Certainly, there are cyber crimes that we see a great increase in," JPD Public Information Specialist Paul Holmes said. "You have to be careful with your personal information."

While the Jonesboro Police Department isn't seeing an increase in shoplifting, Holmes said you need to be careful with your valuables.

"Some increases, particularly in thefts from motor vehicles, credit card, ATM fraud," Holmes said.

Holmes said crimes like these can be prevented.

"Those crimes are crimes of opportunity that are being committed that the citizens can have a little bit of a role in affecting in terms of locking their vehicles and securing their valuables," Holmes said.

Holmes said there is some good news for Jonesboro. Overall, crimes have decreased since this time last year.

"We are seeing about a five percent decrease in crime in Jonesboro," Holmes said.

The monthly and yearly reports break down the numbers. Property crimes are down along with crimes of proactive policing. Holmes said the department is working hard to get these results.

"We've recently hired a new class, and just before that we put a new class to work," Holmes said. "We are trying to get the department back up to full strength."

Holmes said they look at the reports to decide what changes need to be made.

"The officers look at it and their supervisors look at it so we can be more effective and efficient," Holmes said.

While thefts and crimes against persons are slightly up from last year, Holmes said he doesn't see anything that should cause great alarm.

To protect yourself from theft, Holmes said to make sure you lock your vehicles and take any valuables inside.

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