Hundreds of students pulled out of school due to flu

Hundreds of students pulled out of school due to flu

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Hundreds of students have been pulled out of classes at the Valley View School District due to a string of flu and respiratory infections.

Valley View Superintendent Bryan Russell said 200 students missed class Monday. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu activity is moderate in Arkansas and surrounding states.

Of the 200 students who missed school Monday, 80 of those are confirmed flu cases, Russell said. Nurse Adrienne Rhodes said 20 students were sent home Monday.

School districts in Arkansas are also taking final exams while dealing with the spread of sickness.

Rhodes said if the illness is severe enough, some students may not make it back to campus to take finals.

However, Russell said they still have a chance to study and take their exams. He said there is a website that is accessible to students that has materials teachers post online. From there, they can get the necessary materials needed to study for finals exams.

"We work hand in hand with each parent on an individual basis to decide what's best for their student. We also will give those exams when we come back from Christmas break," said Russell, who also said the district has been fortunate not to close. "We certainly don't feel like the percentage we have out right now would warrant that."

The custodial service has taken precautions to help prevent the spread of germs.

"They are wiping down all surfaces, making sure they hit desktops, door knobs, drinking fountains and things like that," said Russell.

Both Russell and Rhodes advise parents to take their kids to the doctor if they are showing any signs of having the flu.

Rhodes also stressed the importance and hand washing and advised anyone with any questions about the flu to visit

You can also track the flu county by county by clicking here.

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