ASU audit reveals few problems with finances

ASU audit reveals few problems with finances

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - An internal audit performed by Arkansas State University revealed two cases of mismanaged money, according to a report released by the Arkansas Division of Legislative Audit.

The results of the audit were released on Friday. The report shows one employee gave housing discounts to unqualified students.

According to the audit, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student affairs Doctor Lonnie Williams improperly authorized housing discounts for some students.

ASU System Vice President for Strategic Communications & Economic Development Jeff Hankins said the university was proactive and discovered the problem before state auditors.

The audit revealed Williams gave nearly $30,000 in discounts to students. It's not known who those students are or why they received a discount. Williams is now paying back the money.

According to the university, Williams, who makes nearly $133,000 per year, is paying more than $100 per paycheck until the debt is paid.

Hankins said Williams will also pay back the money by giving up accrued leave time.

"We continually take steps to protect university funds and implement best practices in financial management. In these two cases, our internal audit system was effective in investigating the circumstances, identifying the problems and securing restitution," Hankins said in a statement.

The other case Hankins refers to is an issue with an associate professor regarding monetary reimbursements.

The audit stated Dr. James M. Hall, Director of Mathematics Education, was reimbursed by Arkansas State University on eight occasions for travel expenses, but he was also being reimbursed by the National Council for Supervisors of Mathematics.

The travel expenses amounted to $4,283. Hall resigned from the university in February of 2014 and repaid the university the following month.

The internal audit findings were submitted to the Arkansas Division of Legislative Audit.

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