Middle school sets up Christmas shop to help students

Middle school sets up Christmas shop to help students

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 middle school is working to give back to their own.

Oak Grove Middle School Student Council set up a Christmas shop to allow students to buy inexpensive gifts for friends and family. The profits are going to help those in need.

"We are adopting a family so we are going to give all the money that we raise to the family for Christmas," said Kathelyn Mchaney, Oak Grove Middle School sixth grader.

They aren't just adopting any family. The kids decided they wanted to adopt children from their own school. "We have needy families in our school district, and the money that we raise we will go out and buy gifts for students who might not otherwise have Christmas," said Beth Miller, student council adviser.

This year they are adopting four kids. "It feels really good," said Max Hooten, student council president. "Not only the adopted family we are going to do, but the kids that buy the presents get a big smile on their face too."

Oak Grove Middle School Student Council runs the shop by themselves. They help the customers, count the money, and even wrap the presents for a small price.

The student council advisors said the kids are learning a lot.

"Learn how to manage money," said Jason Inman, student council adviser. "How to manage retail environment, how to be responsible, how to fulfill a schedule, how to schedule people to work."

Inman said it's been a huge hit. "They are enjoying it, and they know it's a good cause," said Inman. "I think all around everybody wins. I mean from us all the way down to the kids."

Inman said all of the merchandise comes from donations from administrators, teachers, parents, and even the students.

After working in the shop, many of the sixth graders said they have learned great communication skills and also have a lot of fun.

Student council officers said they are practicing the reason for the season.

"The meaning of Christmas is to be with your family and just giving and knowing Jesus is with us," said Lily Broadaway, sixth grade student council officer.

"To me it's about giving," Hooten said.

"Giving back to your community," Mchaney said. "Sharing fun times with your family, making memories."

The students and advisors bought the gifts Wednesday night and plan to wrap the gifts to have them ready by Christmas day.

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