Jonesboro Woman Receives Unusual Sentence For Deadly Accident

January 04, 2005--Posted at 9:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- Family members say they will never forget this horrific tragedy, and because of her unusual sentence, neither will Patricia Kelly.

"I am just so sorry it all happened,"said Kelly.

Patricia Kelly pled guilty to two counts of negligent homicide in the March 3rd deaths of Valley View students Matthew Qualls, and Devon Isbell.

"She'll never know what we're going through, she'll never feel the loss, she'll never understand it. If she could just think about what she has done, that would give us a little bit of ease,"said Devon's mother, Kim Isbell.

She pled guilty to one count of third degree battery for injuring Tyler Isbell in the accident.

"I've had some memory problems, and I have had some attention problems, and I am depressed now,"said Isbell.

For the next ten years, Kelly will spend four days in the county jail-- on the anniversary of the accident and on each of the victims' birthdays.

"For ten years now, she is going to remember the day of the accident, and each of their birthday's, whether she wants to or not,"said Matt Qualls' father, Dan Qualls.

"It's a life-changing day, and we want her to suffer on those days especially,"said Isbell.

The families say there is no punishment for Kelly that will take away the pain of losing their young children.

"You just learn to live with it, and pray it doesn't happen to someone else,"said Qualls.