Nettleton Intermediate teachers move into new school

Nettleton Intermediate teachers move into new school

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Teachers at the Nettleton Intermediate Center will spend their holiday break moving to another building.

Teachers, faculty and students will start 2015 in their new building located on Aggie Road. University Heights Intermediate is an 80,000 square foot building and contains some exciting technology, teachers said.

"We have 65 inch TVs, Apple TVs; we're so excited," fourth grade teacher Dia Bodenstei said. "We're getting new document cameras. We can use our iPad and project onto the TV. The kids were overwhelmed when they came and got to see the TV. It's gonna be great."

"We started planning on what professional developments we needed," Cheryl Russell said. "What all did we want to do, did we want to go use our iPads more or iMac computers more, and now we get to tie that with Apple TVs. I'm so excited that here in Jonesboro we will be one of the innovative schools."

Assistant Principal Lisa Hogan said some teachers were sharing a classroom in the older facility.

The new building will be home to 425 students and 50 staff members.

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