A Better Region 8 : Viewer feedback

A Better Region 8 : Viewer feedback

Earlier this week, A Better Region 8 focused on a section of Highway 49 in Greene County near the Carriage Hills Subdivision. Two people died there in a crash last Saturday. In the editorial I expressed my disappointment that there isn't a stoplight in the works for this area.

Many of you in Region 8 reached out to us via social media and email, and you had lots to say on the subject. Tiffany Williams said, "traffic lights don't save lives, people paying attention on the roadways saves lives." Kendall Treece said, "That's all we need is more traffic lights to deal with between Paragould and Jonesboro, there's so many now you have to drive fast in between them to get to work or where ever you're going to keep from being late, that is the problem!" and Jim Mugford's email really got my attention, he wrote: "What should be done is to reduce the speed limit to 45 miles per hour starting at the city limits of Paragould and stricter law enforcement of the speed on hwy 49." That's a good point.

In fact, all of these are good points. And as we share your ideas with all of Region 8, my message remains the same. Community leaders - it's time to step up and do your part to keep our roadways safe. If you have an idea that will make this stretch of Highway 49 safer, you have to let your local leaders and elected officials know.

Expressing your opinion, and listening to each other will make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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